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Dwight’s Return to Orlando

Image from googleThe Los Angeles Lakers came into Orlando continuing on their streak and playoff push beating the Magic 106 to 97. This is the first game Dwight Howard has played at Orlando since being traded to Los Angeles. There was a lot of talk over Howard’s return especially after making comments that some of his old teammates did not like. Dwight commented to reporters earlier in the week saying his teammates in Orlando were players other teams did not want. The comments were misunderstood and Howard said he was complementing his old teammates. Going into Orlando the questions were how would Magic fans receive Dwight? How would he play in his return?

There were boos and there were even some cheers, there was also a lot of Laker fans. Some fans wore Howard jerseys replacing his name with coward. Other fans who were sitting behind the Laker bench heckled Dwight telling him that he could not win without Kobe. Dwight responded by admitting that it was true. The real response came with action. Dwight played phenomenal in his return scoring a season high of 39 points and added 16 rebounds. He looked active, which he has been these past few games and being Dwight, smiled most of the game. Hack-A-Dwight came early and Howard was impressive with that hitting 25 of 39 at the free throw line. Howard needs to play the way he did tonight, night in and night out for the Lakers to be a real threat if they make the playoffs.

Metta World Peace was the second leading scorer for the Lakers adding 14 points. Kobe Bryant had a quiet night with only 11 points and added 8 assists. From the bench, Jodie Meeks led the way with 11 points, followed by Antwan Jamison with 10 points. Steve Blake did very well distributing the ball and had 8 assists.

The Lakers had trouble in the first half letting Jameer Nelson, who ended up with 21 points and Arron Afflalo with 17 points, have their way, but took over the game in the second half leading to an easy win. Before the end of the game, many Magic fans had left and Howard was cheered on by the few fans still present when he was taken out of the game. With this win the Lakers regain the 8th playoff spot over the Utah Jazz but with a loss tomorrow and a win by Utah things can go back and forth. The Lakers currently hold the 8th seed by just half a game and if they were to end the regular season in a tie, it would go to the Jazz who won the season series. The Lakers are on back to back games heading to Atlanta on Wednesday to take on the Hawks who they previously beat in a close game at the Staples Center on March 3rd.


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Lakers Take 8th Spot, Can They Hold On?Move Up?

Image from ESPN

Image from ESPN

It seems like it was just yesterday when Charles Barkley would roll his eyes and say that the Los Angeles Lakers would not make the playoffs this year. Fans were losing hope, waiting for Mitch Kupchak to have yet another trick up his sleeve. Many opposing fans were enjoying their time as they watched the team they despise have a terrible season.

The Lakers have finally set a foot inside of the 2013 playoffs after defeating the Chicago Bulls, who sit at the 5th spot in the East, at the Staples Center 90 to 81. This time there was no dramatic comeback as the Lakers led and had control of the game most of the way. After a great performance by Kobe Bryant against the Toronto Raptors, he did not score 40 or 30 points. This win was an overall team effort, which is what the Lakers will need the most if they stay in the playoffs.

It was a convincing win by the Lakers over the Bulls with a total of six players in double digits. Kobe led the way with 19 points  and 9 assists. Both Dwight Howard and Steve Nash had 16 points each. Metta World Peace added 12 points and Earl Clark seemed to have found his groove again having 11 points. From the bench it was Jodie Meeks who delivered 10 points. With the win the Lakers are now half a game in front of the Utah Jazz.

The Utah Jazz have fallen out of the playoffs but they have not said goodbye. They are still in position to take their playoff spot back. The Lakers need to continue winning to avoid finding themselves outside of the playoffs again. Los Angeles can also look to maybe go up to the 6th or 7th seed. The Houston Rockets are currently at the 7th seed only a game ahead of the Lakers while the Golden State Warriors are the the 6th spot, just two games ahead. The Warriors and Rockets both have their next games at home. Warriors play the New York Knicks and the Rockets take on the Phoenix Suns.

Lakers take the floor again when they visit Dwight’s formal team, the Orlando Magic on Tuesday. It will definitely be interesting to see the reception Dwight will receive from the fans. Will Dwight receive a Lebron James type of reception when he returned to Cleveland? Or will Dwight receive a reception that is better or worse?

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