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Sign and Trade Howard?

(USA Today/Gary A. Vasquez)

(USA Today/Gary A. Vasquez)

By Kevin R. Linares


July 1st is coming and the topic of where Dwight Howard will land is starting to slowly build up. There are reports from ESPN that sources say the Clippers are considering making an offer of Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe to the Lakers in a sign and trade for Dwight Howard. There was a report earlier in the week going around saying that the Lakers would not consider a sign and trade for Howard. 

The Clippers are also in talks with the Boston Celtics about a trade involving Kevin Garnett for DeAndre Jordan and possibly Bledsoe but the Clippers would like to keep Bledsoe out of it. Still facing the possibility of Chris Paul walking in free agency, it would not be wise for the Clippers to trade away Bledsoe before they sign Paul. 

If the Clippers were to offer Blake Griffin and Bledsoe for Dwight Howard to the Lakers should they take it? Two young and very talented stars would be great to have especially with the aging roster that the Lakers currently have. Pau Gasol could move to the center position and play along side their formal Clipper rival Griffin. The Lakers have Steve Nash but his age raises many questions. Eric Bledsoe is a young rising point guard who can learn and pick up a few things from a player like Nash.

Something that the Lakers organization definitely does not want to see is two players that should have been theirs, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, walk over to the other Los Angeles team. If the Clippers were to pull this off along with acquiring Garnett, Doc Rivers as coach and possibly signing Paul Pierce they will be a scary team. The Lakers will not be to far behind with Nash, Bledsoe, Bryant, Griffin and Gasol but they will have trouble defensively.

Although sources have said the Lakers will not consider a sign and trade for Howard should they consider a deal like this one?


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