Stay Dwight


By Kevin R. Linares

July 1st is slowly arriving and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has been saying that center Dwight Howard is the Lakers’ future. The Lakers wanted to make sure Dwight knows what they want him to do while he is driving around Los Angeles.

When you look up at the Staples Center or in Hollywood you can see “Stay D12” posters. Dwight Howard is reportedly taking a very strong look at the possibility of him joining James Harden and his friend Chandler Parsons in Houston. Maybe a few posters might help change Howard’s mind. There has been chatter around social media with Laker fans thinking these posters are a bad idea. The Lakers organization should not have to beg Howard to stay is what many are saying.

When Dwight Howard was in Orlando fans put up billboards there as well. One telling the Magic GM to bring Chris Paul to make Dwight Howard’s decision to choose to stay in Orlando a bit easier. That did not happen and he obviously did not stay. Is it a good decision for the Lakers to put up these posters up?


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