World Peace Opts In

(USA Today/Jennifer Stewart)

(USA Today/Jennifer Stewart)

By Kevin R. Linares

Los Angeles Laker forward Metta World Peace had a decision to make on whether he would opt out of his final year with the Lakers or pick up his final year for $7.7 million. World Peace tweeted out late Monday night “I had a great time here in LA!! Love you guys.. Your are truly amazing. I have some news!!!” Although the tweet sounds like his news would be that he would be leaving Los Angeles that was not the case.

World Peace has chosen to stay for the 2013-2014 season with the Lakers and the news he was talking about on his twitter account was that he would be shooting a reality television show with former NFL player Terrell Owens. With World Peace planning to stay put there is still a chance he might not be wearing a Laker jersey next season. World Peace is one of four Lakers who can still be hit by the one time amnesty provision the Lakers still have yet to use. World Peace, Steve Blake, Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant are the four who can be looked at as possible candidates.

The 33-year old forward averaged 12.4 points last season and although a candidate for the amnesty clause it would not be very wise for the Lakers to do so. World Peace actually improved his play this past season and the Lakers will not find much in free agency that can replace World Peace especially with their luxury tax problems. The Lakers will still have to pay World Peace if amnestied and would rather pay him to play for them rather than against them.


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